Monday, December 21, 2009

Going Where No Man...

The title is a little bit of an exageration, but I really did do something I've never done before. It was terribly nerve-racking and incredibly thrilling all at the same time.

I sang a solo in one of the songs in my church's Christmas prodution, 'The Christmas Offering.' I totally had no idea what it entailed for someone to get up and sing in front of people. The worship team on Sunday morning makes it look natual. Maybe it is if you are talented, or you have weeks to practice. Which was not the case for me on either count.

I was getting excited about Christmas when our worship leader asked for people to sign up for the play, so I signed up. I figures I would be a sheep or a donkey. Maybe the last angel in the row. But, I got to be part of the sopranos. Not the mob, the singers with the really high voices. I want to say right here that they are the best group to be a part of. the altos were nice too. and the tenors. Everyone made me feel welcome. Being part of the group was great.

Then, a week before the presentation to the church, one of the soloists had to back out. I was sorry about that. I wondered who would take on the part. In prayer that week, God told me it was me who would do it. He is such a kidder. Very funny.

The next morning I got a call from Bobby, our worship leader. He asked if I could do him a favor. He asked if I could try to sing the solo part that had no soloist. I love Bobby. I think that swayed my decision. I said yes. Later, I realized what I had done. I was horrified.

I practiced and practiced. No amount of practice prepares you to sing in front of live people. You forget how to breath. Your knees won't be still. You feel flushed and think you may have a fever. When you hear the entro to your song, you completely forget the words. Is that even the music you have been practicing with? Oh Lord, what have you done?

Somehow, some way, I made it through. It was definitely the grace of God.

I don't know that I will ever sing a solo again. I don't know that Bobby would ever ask me to again. But I have done it. Once in my life I stood on stage in front of hundreds of people and sang. Definite bucket list item to check off. Thanks for the opportunity Lord.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Deer Woods Manners

This a daddy/daughter time in our household. We do not have any sons for my husband to pass on his love of hunting to, so he has passed it on to our daughter Kalynn. Several years ago he purchased Kalynn a gun and then went through the Hunter's Safety Course with her. Since that time November has become all about getting a deer.

This is not just a one day event in our home. Several years ago they spent weeks building a permanent deer stand on the back side of our property. A couple of months before season the two hunters begin preparing their spot. they put up a fence to keep out cows and horses, but let deer in. (Deer are amazing jumpers!) They often plant a special 'deer garden.' They offer the deer snacks.

As you can tell, there is a lot of time spent together. A daddy who realizes how quickly his baby has turned into a woman. A daughter who realizes how much she still wants and needs time with her dad. It is and hopefully always will be a special time.

Back to the manners part of this story. After weeks of preparation, opening morning for deer season had come. Kevin and Kalynn roused out of be about 5:00 in the morning, grabbed a bowl of cereal, layered on long underwear and orange, and headed to the perfect spot. The one that they had been preparing for weeks. They climbed up into the stand built by their own hands and settled in to wait for the deer. They knew it would be great because they had seen a big buck a couple of days before. Lots of anticipation.

But what do you think happened? Across the fence sat two other hunters. Two hunters who had not taken time to build the stand, plant the garden or offer snacks. There they were. And as the sun began to creep up over the horizon offering just enough light to see, some thing was coming through the autumn wood. Before my team knew what happened a shot rang out. No big buck came that morning into their sights. Nor has it any morning yet.

I have thought about this for several days. My first thought was 'how unfair.' But as I've thought about it more I have realized that what causes something to be fair or unfair is often using or lacking in manners. I know that the deer woods are probably not a place most people think of in regard to manners, but if we are ladies and gentlemen won't that carry over into every thing we do? Saying please and thank you, allowing someone else to go first and not taking something that someone else has worked for should be the norm.

Someone once told me that it was our right to be happy. That no matter what it took for each person to be happy the means could be justified. I don't believe that. I believe the person who runs over everyone around himself or herself will eventually run off everyone else. That person will be left alone and lonely. God's Word says to 'prefer others above your self.' I know that I can't make someone else have manners, but I can choose to live my life with them.

Lord, today I make a concious choice to prefer others before myself. I choose to treat others as I would want to be treated. I choose to have manners. I choose to let You shine throught me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two Sons

In the book of John in the Bible there is a story about a father and two sons. Most of us know the teaching and refer to it as the story of the prodigal son. In the story there are three major characters, the father, the prodigal son and the older son who remains at home.

The youngest son decides he is unhappy at home and asks his father for his inheritance and leaves home. He lives for the moment totally focused on himself for quite a while. Then, because he did not stay at home and learn from the father how to manage his money, how to have a good work ethic and other life lessons, he squanders all he has. He finally finds a job that would shame his family, feeding hogs. It could have been prosituting himself, or selling drugs or any number of shady dealings. It was the only employment he believed he could find. All this time the other brother has stayed on the farm, tending livestock, sowing and reaping, living in a safe home with a father who loves him.

One day the son slopping hogs decides he just can't go on. Maybe he is sick, maybe he can't face another day in the pigpen, maybe he has been away so long he just wants to see his family one more time. He returns and before he makes it in the driveway the father is running down to meet him. The prodigal apologizes over and over. The father welcomes him home. the older brother is jealous.

What both sons did not realize is that the father loves them both. Equally. The son who left and came home finally realized it. I don't know if the son who stayed at home ever did.

God, the Father loves everyone. He loves the son who ignores Him and the son who knows Him the same. Sometimes I think we forget that. The difference today is just what it was for the two sons. The prodigal did not have the blessing that he would have had all those years he was gone, he did not know the Father all that time. The 'obedient' son lived in the daily blessings, but was jealous when he thought someone was being favoured over him. He never understood that the Father loved them both.

Isn't the goal for both sons to know the Lord? Isn't the goal for prodigals to be restored? Are we jealous when they return, or do we rejoice? The older brother had an offense. Even thought the prodigal asked for forgiveness, it was not enough. I often think the older son would have preferred a punishment. He never understood the grace that he lived in each day. Instead of making him merciful, he became judgemental.

Lord, help us to be peacemakers. Help us to encourage others to recieve grace and mercy. Bring every prodigal home.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Leaves

The leaves are a-turning
Changing colors, dancing on the wind.
A-turning my head to catch thier autumn glory.

Dancing balerinas on a woodsmoke breeze.
Brown and orange, red and gold,
Carpeting the country lanes I follow to my home.

Leaves turning, changing, dancing,
Brown and orange, red and gold;
Autumn glory brings me home.

I wrote this poem several years ago. It was a time when I was missing someone I loved and I wished that I could just turn the corner, pull into a familiar driveway, and they would be waiting at the door. But, my Grandpa was gone, and I won't see him till I get to heaven. Every year about this time I get that same feeling. I want to go home. I used to think it was to a place I'd been before, but as time goes by I realize I'm lonely for someplace I've never been. I want to go to my real Home with my real Father. Maybe you feel that way too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who You're Ropin' With

My husband, Kevin, is a team roper. If you have always lived in Oklahoma you probably know what that means, but just in case you haven't I'll explain. It is a rodeo event that is a timed competition. Another roper ropes the horns of a steer and then my husband ropes the heels. You compete against other teams doing the same thing. Whoever has the best time wins. At least that is how it works in theory.

I am not a competitive person. I watch or read a book.

My husband has a favorite saying about ropin'. "You rope as good as the people you rope with." In the ropin' world, that means that if you only go to easy ropins' where there is not much competition you can win, but you won't improve. Any dedicated athlete pushes himself to be better, and then again better. My husband who has been ropin for 30 years could go to an arena with a bunch of 12 years olds every week and win, but there would be no challenge. And it would be a discouragement to the 12 year olds.

In my time with the Lord today I was reminded of that verse. I could see how spending all my time with people can have me feeling pretty good about myself sometimes. It can also be easy to justify my actions comparing myself to other human beings. It is only when I spend time with the One who is perfect that I see myself as I really am. Spending time with the One who is full of compassion, full of mercy and full of love raises the bar for me. I don't just want to take the easy way, I want to take it up a notch. Spending time with Jesus transforms me.

It is the same way with the people we choose to be close too. They can challenge us to be all we can be, or they can encourage us to sink to a new low. My boss, Leslie, and my pastor's wife, Paula, are very intelligent women. They inspire me to gain knowledge. My friend Kerri has the best sense of humor. She inspires me to enjoy my life. My husband is a hard worker. He inspires me to keep going till the job is finished.

I don't want to get to heaven and God ask me why I only went to 'punkin pullin's' (easy ropins). I want to be challenged. I want to use up everything the Lord gave me. I want to be someone who challenges those around her. Lord, let it be so!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Division is Multiplying

For the last year or so I have noticed a trend in the church I attend. Offense. Hurt feelings. Division.

People that I have gone to church with for years are gone from Sunday morning worship. Even relatives, whom I would have never believed would leave the church are gone. I hear that this family has gone here, or that family gone there, but many have not permanently found a church home.

This morning my pastor's wife came to the Prayer Room and we cried and prayed for those we no longer see. The sorrow was heavy. How can you spend years with a family, go through births and marriages and deaths, and one day look over and they are gone. How do you find peace in that situation?

I searched my Bible this afternoon and a verse hit me square in the face. 1 Corinthians 11:19 says: "But, of course there must be divisions among you so that you who have God's approval will be recognized!" Wow. My desire to be right and your desire to be right is what brings division. How sad that what we each want becomes more important than what God wants, which is for His children to love one another. To prefer the other above ourself. God promises that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, but that probably won't be necessary because we will destroy the church from within.

Several years ago I read a book called 'The Bait of Satan.' It was a book about how Christians fall for offense and let it seperate them from the church. I hear people teel me every week how they don't need to go to church to be saved. You are right, only the blood of Jesus does that. But Christ Himself instituted the church. It is His body on this earth. That is not something a man thought of, but a concept brought into existance by a Holy God. Argue with Him about the church. Or ignore what He says. We still have free will. It doesn't mean it is always right, though.

The thing is, division, which divides, seems to be multiplying. Those concepts do not go together. What is going on church? Why are we accepting this believers? Let's do what God tells us to do, pray. Pray for that family that you have been missing. Pray for believers who are hurt to be restored to the body of Christ. Pray that no offense overtakes me or you. Pray that it will be more important to us to do what God says than what we feel.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Right Note

This morning I was sitting on my front porch reading my Bible selection for the day and enjoying the extra day off this week. Kevin, my husband came outside and and planned on doing the same thing. Our daughter, Kalynn, was inside, and planning on doing some much needed cleaning in her bedroom.

Kalynn's room is inside where I sit outside on the porch. I didn't hear the stereo come on, but I did hear Kalynn begin singing for all she was worth. Kevin and I both laughed. Kalynn inherited her singing ability from my side of the family: we love to sing, but we are not that good at it.

As I sat there for a few minutes listening, God showed me a truth. Everyone who lifts up thier voice to sing occaisionally hits a right note. It is the joy that is in our heart that prompts us to sing. It is the worship that is created that makes the Father smile. Whatever the Spirit of God inside us leads us to do is the right thing to do. We always hit the right note when we make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking With or Going With

It's been quite a while since I posted a new blog. I guess I'll blame it on a busy summer like everyone else. I really think I got a little shy about putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read and comment on. Crazy, but true.

I have been preparing for an opportunity to speak at a monthly women's meeting at our church lnext month. Becasue I facilitate the prayer room at our church I was asked to focus on prayer. So, naturally I have been praying and trying to be sure of what the Lord wanted me to say. It is funny, becasue I went into my conversations with Him letting Him know that the topic was prayer and what did He want me to say? Anyone who has a relationship with the Lord like I do probably knows what came next. "Are you telling Me what you are speaking on and asking Me to help, or are you asking Me what you should talk about and then listening to what I say" WOW!

The phrase came to mind: Am I taking the Lord the Lord with me whare I want to go, or am I going where He wants to take me? The very words that come out of my mouth show the truth. How many plans and reasons do I have that I then ask God to bless? What if I was so in contact with Him that I never doubted whare He wants me to go or what He wants me to do? That comes from intimacy. Daily, hourly, moment by moment contact. The air that I breath. Exposing myself wholely to Him and allowing Him to know me, and in turn desiring to know Him above all else. A life without regrets.

Are you taking Him with you today or are you going where He wants you to go? Let's change our way of thinking. Let's encourage each other to listen to the Lord and get His direction instead of worldly wisdom. Let's share what God is speaking to us so it can encourage others.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Silver and Gold

Normally on Wednesday night I am at church, but this evening I stayed home. Kevin and I had both got home early from work and since it was not raining we decided to mow. He rushed around and got ready for church, but I felt God whispering for me to stay and visit with Him, so I did.

I sat our on the porch and read my Bible and then a chapter in the book I am reading. Then I just sat and listened to the birds and the wind rustling in the leaves of the tree. It seemed like the Lord was sitting there with me. We didn't really have to say anything, we just enjoyed one another's presence.

Tomorrow will be my 47th birthday. I was thinking about all I was so grateful for and began picturing all the people who have touched my life in the last year.

I have gained dome new friends in the last 12 months. Jana, the young woman I work with at the school. We did not even know each other before the school year began, but she has become so important to me. Lissa, a young police officer in our community who I go to church with. She is the SRO for our school system and I am blessed to get to see her each week. Kerri, another woman in the office. she is truly a sister in Christ. We share prayer requests and rejoice over the answers.

There are also those friends who have been around the block with me. My sister Leslea, who knows me better than I know myself. My friend Dianna, who I am in ministry with. She has become so dear. We are kindred spirits.

My friend Susan, who is a few years older than me, has been an encourager and a source of strength. a true example that I can follow.

The women I have never even met who read my blog, but share their thoughts with me. How I look forward to those comments.

And dozens of others. Debbie, at church, Leslie, at work, the ladies who bring me my tea each morning at Sonic Drive-in, I could go on and on. How my life is blessed because of them. Richer, fuller, more complete.

It reminds me of an old song:
Silver and gold, silver and gold
Make new friends, but keep the old.

Lord, bless my friends. I pray that they would know how much they mean to me. Help me to remember to tell them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How many comments can one make about the weather lately? It's raining cats and we need to buy a boat...rain, rain, go away... We all joke about it, but okay already.

My husband and I had planned a trip to the lake this weekend and obviously that is off. What a disappointment to me, as I have looked forward to the trip for some time. I love to just get away with Kevin and do nothing.

So, needless to say, in my time alone with the Lord this evening I eventually let Him know I was a little put out over the rain. "I just want the sun to shine," I whined. Immediatly He said, "The sun is shining." What? The sun is shining. The SUN is SHINING!

Wow! What a revelation. I guess that becasue I could not see it shining I thought it had disappeared. That the sun was taking a break like on the Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials. How ridiculous. Even though I can't see it, the sun is still shining. God set the sun in the sky and said that it would continue until His return. Then He will be the light. It isn't that the sun isn't shining, it's that my vision is blocked. There are clouds in the way. I don't need to ask for the sun to shine, it already is. I need to ask for the clouds to part, for the rain to dissipate.

It is the same way with knowing the Lord. Just because my physical eyes don't see Him doesn't mean He isn't there. He is always there. He is without end. It is just that I may have a few "clouds" blocking my view. Thank you for this truth Lord. Thank you that we can believe in something we don't see. Thank you for increasing my faith today.

So if the rain has got you down, remember, the SUN is SHINING! Storms can't stop it. The SON is ALIVE! Storms can't stop Him either.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting Past the Past

Several years ago I was the secretary at the church I attend. It was a job that I loved. I loved the people I worked with, I loved the people in the church, I loved the daily activities. Because I worked at the church and also attended the church, I was at the church alot. What seemed so natural to me, was not to my husband, who was a new believer. Looking back, I am sure he often wondered who I loved more, him or the church. So he asked me to quit my job. And when I could not do it, he did it for me.

Talk about devastating. One of the hardest years of my life followed. I did love my husband very much, but I soon realized that my whole identity was wrapped up in my position of church secretary. When I no longer possessed that title, I felt I was nothing. Everything I had been was lost to me. It created a lot of tension in my marriage, and it was extremely hard for me to continue to attend church. I felt empty. I felt dead.

Thank goodness that is not the end of the story. What seemed like a nightmare eventually ended. Slowly, but surely, with the help of people who loved me, I woke up. Time and the Holy Spirit do heal all wounds. We just have to let them be healed. If I had not given up what I wanted, I would have never recieved what God wanted.

It is not easy to let go of something you love. Sometimes only something you love more will cause it to happen. Honestly, there are times I still miss being the church secretary, but I would have missed my husband more. And, honestly, I loved the attention I recieved. I love people, and I want them to love me. But that doesn't take a title. Loving people is a choice. And they love you back because of how you treat them.

This was a hard lesson. It almost drove me from my church home. But, it didn't. And it has caused me to have compassion for those who have been through similar scenarios. Sometimes the past we are getting over is not one we are ashamed of, but one we wish we still had.

Lord, I pray for restoration today. Help us to take back those things the enemy has stolen. And help us to see our identity in you and not in a title. We are children of the King, royal priests, a holy nation. Nothing can take that away.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cleaning Up

Sunday night my husband, Kevin, and I went to a Passover meal at our church. We had been to one several years ago and were thankful for the opportunity to go again. The meal was very meaningful and we both learned a lot. We were thankful to have been there.

After the meal was just as meaningful. I am amazed at the capacity my church family has for working together. I did not help prepare the meal, but I know it was probably the same situation. Men, women, boys and girls all clearing away dirty dishes, emptying trash cans and storing chairs and tables. It looked like and ant colony. Everyone helping, every one. Sweet old ladies, kindly old gentlemen, pink-cheeked children, moms and dads. Like a Sunday dinner at your grandma's house. Cleaning up is not really a chore. It is a time of helping, laughing and getting to know each other better. Building strong bonds that stand the test of whatever the test is.

On the way home we talked, Kevin and I, about how blessed we are. We both have family that lives close that we see often. We love each of them. But we also have a church family. Sometimes I think they are just as close or closer. They put up with me and all my ways. Just like I do for them. Sometimes it's pretty, but sometimes it's not. Thank goodness we love eachother. Thanks the Lord He brought us together.

When you are with people you love even chores seem enjoyable. Cleaning up is one more chance to be together. Being together causes our frienships to grow. Church becomes a home away from home. I think that is what God had in mind. People loving Him and loving each other.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disciplined Thinking

I am reading a book about addictions by Edward Welch right now. At first I couldn't really figure out why I was reading it. I bought it years ago because my daughter has battled a drug problem. Anyway, I picked it up a few weeks ago and have read a portion of it pretty much each day. It has definitely opened my eyes to my own struggles with different things that my flesh wants, whether it is a cold cappuccino on the way to church or listening to a conversation I shouldn't. Even though I have been a believer for well over 10 years, I still want what I want sometimes.

In the book, Mr. Welch encourages those struggling with the flesh to change a thinking pattern. For each time you think of yourself, you think a bout Jesus 10 times. At first I kind of dismissed the idea, but as I began to notice what I was thinking about throughout my day my mind changed. IT is amazing how many thoughts I have about myself, my problems, my wants, my sorrows, my joys. Me, me, me, me!!!!

What would happen in my life if each time I thought of my self, I thought about 10 different things about the Lord. His goodness, His forgiveness, His mercy, His love....the list could go on and on. It is possible to do it, it just takes me to put forth the effort. Am I willing to? Are you?

Sadly enough it will reveal to you how selfish we really are. Not something we want to see, much less admit. But I believe this could be what Paul means when he encourages us to pray without ceasing. How can we do it? By turning our thoughts toward Him every time we think of ourselves.

Lord, help us to focus on You. Help us to be so aware of our thoughts and what they produce. Selfish thoughts produce selfish people. We want our minds to be set on You. Then our actions will will be God-inspired. Thank You for changing our minds!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Wow, has this been a time of change in my life. For some reason I thought the older I got, the less exciting things would be. I was so wrong! God is definitely not finished with me. Retirement is not an option!

Two weeks ago, Feb. 25th, my baby turned 18. That just seems so weird. I have spent 26 years raising children. Now, both of them are 'aduts.' Kalynn, my baby, has grown into a beautiful, kind young woman. She has brought so much joy to our home. I know God has something awesome planned for her to accomplish. I can't wait to see what it is.

On the same day that week, with no previous warning, my oldest daughter, Kandice, got married. Totally unexpected!! My daughter has battled with her share of demons in the last several years and was embracing a sober life. She met this man, my son-in-law during her timne in a rehabilitation facility. Now I know that most of us would immediately say, 'oh no!' But, GOD... I don't know the plans He has, and His ways are higher than mine. So I am learning to call myself a mother-in-law. And I am believing that he is the man God is using to come along side my daughter and be her partner for life. My pastor had only known his wife of 35 years for 6 months when they married. Jacob had never seen Rebecca until she arrived with his servant and he took her to his mother's tent and she was his wife. With God all things are possible.

Now, today, March 8th, I met my granddaughter for the first time. Her name is Maddy and she is twelve. I already love her. Wow, I am a grandma! How does God do it?

The good things that have happened to me this week have taught me to savor the sweetness in life. Every week does not bring celebration, some weeks bring sorrow; how well I know it. But for today, I am rejoicing. My heart is full. I am thankful for the sunshine, and I will remember it when it rains.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Views on the President

Probably anyone who knows me recognizes that I am Republican. I have pretty conservative values. I did not vote for President Obama, but he is my President and because of that I pray for him and try to support him

I do not agree with Mr. Obabma on many things. I do not agree with him on abortion and the funding of programs that support abortion. I have been concerned some in his family being Islamic, and even the fact that he was exposed to the teachings as a child.

But I do have one thing to compliment him on.

For so long now many Americans with at least a HS education and some common sense have seen that many things in our nation have gone desperately wrong. Our morals, our compassion, our greed, to name a few. We saw it, but no one really said anything. It was like the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes."

In this children's story a couple of con artists convince the emperor, which is like a king or president, that they are amazing tailors, which are people who make clothes. They pretend to measure the emperor, and they, the con men, spend days pretending to sew these fabulous clothes. The emperor is called for and the false tailors pretend to array him with the new duds. The emperor looks at himself in the mirror and sees that he is naked, but he is so vain that he won't admit it. He convinces himself that something is there that is not. He has proclaimed a parade in the kingdom so he can go in front of the people and they can be awed by his majesty in the new, fancy clothes. No one who works for him will tell him he is naked, even though every one can see it. His servants are so concerned with having the favor of the emperor they become a part of the charade. The emperor goes out before the people and begins his glorious march. Women cover thier eyes and men begin to snicker, but no one says a word. It is more important to let the foolish behavior continue than to speak the truth.

Finally, the emperor walks in front of a group of children. A young boy who has not learned to mind his manners cries out, "Why, the Emperor has on no clothes! He is naked!"

At last the truth has been told. What every saw was proclaimed.

What we have seen for years, what we have pretended was the norm, what we have been afraid to voice is finally being said. Our President is not only wondering what is going on, he is asking what is going on. Confronting special interest groups and lobbyinst, calling corporate giants on thier ridiculous spending and evening asking about snow days that force schools to close. The questions may not be politcally correct and they may not be framed in the correct context, but at least something is happening.

I will never change my mind about being pro life and Mr. Obama may not ever change his mind about being pro choice. I pray for him reguarding this. He has children and surely sees the vallue in every human life.

But I do support him in his attempt to expose some of the corruption that has gone on for decades. I do support him in his belief that people helping people is going to change this nation. I do support him in his effort to engage everyone in the strengthening of the United States of America.

God bless our President. Lord, help him to be the man you called him to be. Give him the mind of Christ. Give him the heart of a warrior. Give him the wisdom of Solomen. Give him the compassion of a father for his children.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Mouse in the Mailbox

My family lives in a rural area in Oklahoma. In fact, our house in in the middle of what was once my grandpa's hayfield. When you live in the country you have to realize that there are going to be "critters." By this, I mean opossums, skunks and the like. I have learned to co-exist for the most part, but there are some exceptions.
A few weeks ago I pulled up to our mailbox, which by the way we had just replaced because another truth of rural life is mailbox bashing (teenagers drive by with a baseball bat and hit your mailbox), and inside there were lots of bits of dried leaves and grass. The wind is always blowing, so I did not think much of it. The next day there was even more, and when I reached in to grab my mail, something moved. They probably heard my scream all the way to town. I DO NOT LIKE MICE!!!! And there was one living in my mailbox.
When my husband arrived I told him the whole sordid tale, not leaving out any details. He promptly went out and cleared out the mailbox. What a man!
A couple of days went by and what do you think? There were leaves and grass showing up again. I opened the cover, timidly reached for the mail and honked my horn. I guess I thought I could scare him. But no, that mouse rushed to the back of the mailbox, turned around and looked at me! He was not a bit afraid. He had set up house, once again, and even enjoyed gnawing on a letter I had received.
I mentioned my ordeal to my dad, who is 68, and he came by, cleaned out the box and brought me my mail. Finally, The mouse would know not to mess with me any more. Mice haven't survived by giving in easily. Several days went by, and the squatter was back. I decided if any creature worked that hard, he deserved to stay as long as he liked. Better my mailbox than my breadbox!
Being persistent is a quality God encourages. "...keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find..." The mouse in the mailbox rebuilt his nest time and again. How often do we give up before we really even try?
Lord, help us be persistent. When it seems impossible, help us remember that "all things are possible to him who believes."

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jumping In With Both Feet

Sunning by the pool on our recent family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL, I began wathching a family playing together. The dad was in the pool with water about to his shoulders. He had a group of three or four youngsters lined up on the side of the pool. One by one they would step to the edge of the pool and jump off to the waiting dad. Each child would squeal with delight, be lifted from the water, then positioned near the edge where he or she could climb out and promptly get in line to do it again. While sitting there enjoying the antics, I noticed another adult approach the dad and they began talking. This did not in any way deter the children. Several turns of jumping and being caught by dad had given them confidence. A toddler jumps, dad catches. This was the way of things. So, even though dad was distracted for the moment, the next little one in line leaped from the edge. Before I could make a move toward the water, the splash got dad's attention. He scooped the boy out of the water, no harm done and sent him on his way. No fear was ever shown by the child, and the dad knew he could confidently handle the situation. What a perfect picture of trust between a child and his father.
What a perfect example of trust between us and our Heavenly Father. Proverbs 3:5 reminds us to trust in the Lord with all of our heart. Life is a big pool, with a deep end. Trust is not sitting on a deck chair, hiding under an umbrella, afraid of getting wet. Jesus has waded out and is beckoning us to jump in! We might make a splash, the water might be a little cold, but what a thrill! Is Christ distracted? Never! Is He ready to catch you? You bet! Do you have to faith to step up to the edge and jump? Only you can answer that for yourself. John 10:10 says Jesus came to give you an abundant life. Better that anything we can imagine.
The Lifeguard is on duty. Trust Him. Leap in with both feet!!