Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cleaning Up

Sunday night my husband, Kevin, and I went to a Passover meal at our church. We had been to one several years ago and were thankful for the opportunity to go again. The meal was very meaningful and we both learned a lot. We were thankful to have been there.

After the meal was just as meaningful. I am amazed at the capacity my church family has for working together. I did not help prepare the meal, but I know it was probably the same situation. Men, women, boys and girls all clearing away dirty dishes, emptying trash cans and storing chairs and tables. It looked like and ant colony. Everyone helping, every one. Sweet old ladies, kindly old gentlemen, pink-cheeked children, moms and dads. Like a Sunday dinner at your grandma's house. Cleaning up is not really a chore. It is a time of helping, laughing and getting to know each other better. Building strong bonds that stand the test of whatever the test is.

On the way home we talked, Kevin and I, about how blessed we are. We both have family that lives close that we see often. We love each of them. But we also have a church family. Sometimes I think they are just as close or closer. They put up with me and all my ways. Just like I do for them. Sometimes it's pretty, but sometimes it's not. Thank goodness we love eachother. Thanks the Lord He brought us together.

When you are with people you love even chores seem enjoyable. Cleaning up is one more chance to be together. Being together causes our frienships to grow. Church becomes a home away from home. I think that is what God had in mind. People loving Him and loving each other.


  1. So well said. It was amazing wasn't it!!! Yes, Kelli we are so blessed to be part of the local Body of Christ that He has placed us in. Glad you and Kevin are there for us.

  2. I read Susan's post about this meal as well. What a wonderful thing when we can come together in unity!

  3. Kelli, Just saw your comment on my post about the seminar today. Wasn't it glorious? I knew you and Wantha Ann were teaching on prayer and that is why I was in there!!! You both did fantastic. It just makes me so proud of our Body and WE know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God is fixing to do great and marvelous things in and through us. You and Kevin have been instrumental in that through your prayers. Don't ever forget that. I won't!!!
    Love you guys, Susan & Mickey