Monday, January 12, 2009

The Mouse in the Mailbox

My family lives in a rural area in Oklahoma. In fact, our house in in the middle of what was once my grandpa's hayfield. When you live in the country you have to realize that there are going to be "critters." By this, I mean opossums, skunks and the like. I have learned to co-exist for the most part, but there are some exceptions.
A few weeks ago I pulled up to our mailbox, which by the way we had just replaced because another truth of rural life is mailbox bashing (teenagers drive by with a baseball bat and hit your mailbox), and inside there were lots of bits of dried leaves and grass. The wind is always blowing, so I did not think much of it. The next day there was even more, and when I reached in to grab my mail, something moved. They probably heard my scream all the way to town. I DO NOT LIKE MICE!!!! And there was one living in my mailbox.
When my husband arrived I told him the whole sordid tale, not leaving out any details. He promptly went out and cleared out the mailbox. What a man!
A couple of days went by and what do you think? There were leaves and grass showing up again. I opened the cover, timidly reached for the mail and honked my horn. I guess I thought I could scare him. But no, that mouse rushed to the back of the mailbox, turned around and looked at me! He was not a bit afraid. He had set up house, once again, and even enjoyed gnawing on a letter I had received.
I mentioned my ordeal to my dad, who is 68, and he came by, cleaned out the box and brought me my mail. Finally, The mouse would know not to mess with me any more. Mice haven't survived by giving in easily. Several days went by, and the squatter was back. I decided if any creature worked that hard, he deserved to stay as long as he liked. Better my mailbox than my breadbox!
Being persistent is a quality God encourages. "...keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking and you will find..." The mouse in the mailbox rebuilt his nest time and again. How often do we give up before we really even try?
Lord, help us be persistent. When it seems impossible, help us remember that "all things are possible to him who believes."


  1. I linked to your blog today on my post. Wnated to let you know :o)

  2. Hi Kelli. Susan sent me here. I enjoyed your mouse story, but I know I wouldn't want to find a mouse in my mailbox either!
    My hubby and I are also active in prayer. We are on the prayer team at our church - Lighthouse Community Church. It's so nice to meet you.

  3. I shuddered at your story. Now you've left me hanging tho' are you keeping the mouse from eating your mail? Hi, I'm Brenda, over from Susan's. I look forward to getting to know you better! Any friend of Susan's is a friend of mine!
    God bless,

  4. Hi Kelli, I came by was of Susan over at Penless Thoughts. She was right about one thing...I am gonna enjoy your blog tremendously! We live in the country as well and my "city folk" friends have no idea what it sounds like when the Cayotes are howling....

    You are right about being persistent in prayer. May we all develop the stamina required to truly be a prayer warrior.

    God bless you and I look forward to reading more!

  5. hi kelli... i, too, came over from susan's invitation. what an enjoyable post. i like the attitude you had regarding the mouse and it's persistence. you've illustrated beautifully the lesson there for all of us. nice meeting you.

  6. I have no idea why teenage boys find it fun to bash peoples mailboxes...but it happens here in my community too!

    Welcome to blogland! Blessings to ya!

  7. Welcome, Kelli! Susan sent me here, too. I grew up in a rural community where mailbox bashing was "fun", too. My Dad threatened to fill one with concrete to return the surprise :) Also, I remember Mom bringing in the mailbox every night and putting it out every morning.
    Blessings to you!

  8. Came over to your site from Susan's.

    EEks! I can't believe the mouse in your mailbox.
    What a hoot. I would've screamed too. I don't like mice either.

  9. Hi Kelli! I'm happy you've joined our world of blogging! This is the 2nd blog I've read today about critters. My niece had to be rescued from a big fat frog behind her washer. She lives in Paraguay South America, so I assume the frogs are huge there, don't know why I think that really. Maybe her post led me to that conclusion. Anyhoose, it's obvious to me that you're a gifted writer and have a way of tying your thoughts into a spiritual analogy at the end. Keep on bloggin'!

  10. Hello Kelli,
    I'm a friend of Susan and came over to welcome you to blogging. This was such a cute story! I'm such an animal lover and even though I don't want them in my house, I was kind of glad the mouse won out!
    Nice getting to know you!

  11. Hi Kelli! I am a friend of Susan's here in Broken Arrow! Welcome to the blogging world. I love mice, but live with a non-mice loving hubby! Blessings!

  12. Welcome to Blogland. I had to be obedient to my friend Susan and come over!!Critters - the only negative I can think of for country holidays. Good word.

    Do come visit me dear sister in the Lord.

  13. Visiting from Penless. Welcome!

    Oh no! I HATE mice. I lived out in the toolies as a teen and developed a phobia to mice and their cousins!

  14. Hi Kelli:-) I'm here via Susan's blog...just wanted to stop by and say "hi"!! Oh dear, that little mouse certainly is being persistent, and I've no doubt you wished it would set up house somewhere else! lol xox

  15. Welcome to blogworld, Kelli. I came over from Susan's blog, and I concur with her writing. I say leave the mouse, and let the guys with the baseball bat just come on by and do their thing! : ) Blessings!!!!

  16. Welcome to blogworld! I am here from Susan's blog. She is very special and I've been blessed to meet her and Mickey in person. I too live in Oklahoma. Not quite as rural as you described :) but in Choctaw which is sort of rural! Welcome!

  17. Stopping by to say hello from Susan's....

    Oh wow, a mouse living in your mailbox!!! We had some living in our garage this past year and it wasn't fun! I can't imagine one deciding to live in my mailbox though...:)

    ~Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)

  18. Kelli,
    That's too funny about the mouse. I guess they wanted a house as badly as you did! Glad to see you blogging. Blessings, friend!