Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Views on the President

Probably anyone who knows me recognizes that I am Republican. I have pretty conservative values. I did not vote for President Obama, but he is my President and because of that I pray for him and try to support him

I do not agree with Mr. Obabma on many things. I do not agree with him on abortion and the funding of programs that support abortion. I have been concerned some in his family being Islamic, and even the fact that he was exposed to the teachings as a child.

But I do have one thing to compliment him on.

For so long now many Americans with at least a HS education and some common sense have seen that many things in our nation have gone desperately wrong. Our morals, our compassion, our greed, to name a few. We saw it, but no one really said anything. It was like the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes."

In this children's story a couple of con artists convince the emperor, which is like a king or president, that they are amazing tailors, which are people who make clothes. They pretend to measure the emperor, and they, the con men, spend days pretending to sew these fabulous clothes. The emperor is called for and the false tailors pretend to array him with the new duds. The emperor looks at himself in the mirror and sees that he is naked, but he is so vain that he won't admit it. He convinces himself that something is there that is not. He has proclaimed a parade in the kingdom so he can go in front of the people and they can be awed by his majesty in the new, fancy clothes. No one who works for him will tell him he is naked, even though every one can see it. His servants are so concerned with having the favor of the emperor they become a part of the charade. The emperor goes out before the people and begins his glorious march. Women cover thier eyes and men begin to snicker, but no one says a word. It is more important to let the foolish behavior continue than to speak the truth.

Finally, the emperor walks in front of a group of children. A young boy who has not learned to mind his manners cries out, "Why, the Emperor has on no clothes! He is naked!"

At last the truth has been told. What every saw was proclaimed.

What we have seen for years, what we have pretended was the norm, what we have been afraid to voice is finally being said. Our President is not only wondering what is going on, he is asking what is going on. Confronting special interest groups and lobbyinst, calling corporate giants on thier ridiculous spending and evening asking about snow days that force schools to close. The questions may not be politcally correct and they may not be framed in the correct context, but at least something is happening.

I will never change my mind about being pro life and Mr. Obama may not ever change his mind about being pro choice. I pray for him reguarding this. He has children and surely sees the vallue in every human life.

But I do support him in his attempt to expose some of the corruption that has gone on for decades. I do support him in his belief that people helping people is going to change this nation. I do support him in his effort to engage everyone in the strengthening of the United States of America.

God bless our President. Lord, help him to be the man you called him to be. Give him the mind of Christ. Give him the heart of a warrior. Give him the wisdom of Solomen. Give him the compassion of a father for his children.

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