Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How many comments can one make about the weather lately? It's raining cats and dogs...do we need to buy a boat...rain, rain, go away... We all joke about it, but okay already.

My husband and I had planned a trip to the lake this weekend and obviously that is off. What a disappointment to me, as I have looked forward to the trip for some time. I love to just get away with Kevin and do nothing.

So, needless to say, in my time alone with the Lord this evening I eventually let Him know I was a little put out over the rain. "I just want the sun to shine," I whined. Immediatly He said, "The sun is shining." What? The sun is shining. The SUN is SHINING!

Wow! What a revelation. I guess that becasue I could not see it shining I thought it had disappeared. That the sun was taking a break like on the Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials. How ridiculous. Even though I can't see it, the sun is still shining. God set the sun in the sky and said that it would continue until His return. Then He will be the light. It isn't that the sun isn't shining, it's that my vision is blocked. There are clouds in the way. I don't need to ask for the sun to shine, it already is. I need to ask for the clouds to part, for the rain to dissipate.

It is the same way with knowing the Lord. Just because my physical eyes don't see Him doesn't mean He isn't there. He is always there. He is without end. It is just that I may have a few "clouds" blocking my view. Thank you for this truth Lord. Thank you that we can believe in something we don't see. Thank you for increasing my faith today.

So if the rain has got you down, remember, the SUN is SHINING! Storms can't stop it. The SON is ALIVE! Storms can't stop Him either.

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  1. What a beautiful analogy He showed you. That really spoke to me! Thanks for sharing.