Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking With or Going With

It's been quite a while since I posted a new blog. I guess I'll blame it on a busy summer like everyone else. I really think I got a little shy about putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read and comment on. Crazy, but true.

I have been preparing for an opportunity to speak at a monthly women's meeting at our church lnext month. Becasue I facilitate the prayer room at our church I was asked to focus on prayer. So, naturally I have been praying and trying to be sure of what the Lord wanted me to say. It is funny, becasue I went into my conversations with Him letting Him know that the topic was prayer and what did He want me to say? Anyone who has a relationship with the Lord like I do probably knows what came next. "Are you telling Me what you are speaking on and asking Me to help, or are you asking Me what you should talk about and then listening to what I say" WOW!

The phrase came to mind: Am I taking the Lord the Lord with me whare I want to go, or am I going where He wants to take me? The very words that come out of my mouth show the truth. How many plans and reasons do I have that I then ask God to bless? What if I was so in contact with Him that I never doubted whare He wants me to go or what He wants me to do? That comes from intimacy. Daily, hourly, moment by moment contact. The air that I breath. Exposing myself wholely to Him and allowing Him to know me, and in turn desiring to know Him above all else. A life without regrets.

Are you taking Him with you today or are you going where He wants you to go? Let's change our way of thinking. Let's encourage each other to listen to the Lord and get His direction instead of worldly wisdom. Let's share what God is speaking to us so it can encourage others.


  1. Let's share what God is speaking to us so it can encourage others......That's where my most prized encouragements have come. From 'real' people listening to God.